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Medical Board of California Enforcement Actions Including Accusation Defense and Denial Appeals

We represent California physicians and surgeons in all types of Board enforcement actions. Our clients include Medical Board license applicants in the application process and physicians who must disclose convictions or explain adverse actions. We defend against Medical Board of California investigations, we appeal license denials, we defend Medical Board accusations of negligence or misconduct, appeal citations, handle modification or early termination of Medical Board probation, and seek reinstatement of previously lost licenses. We also have extensive experience defending against Operation Safe Medicine investigations and prosecutions seeking both licensing and criminal penalties for the unlicensed practice of medicine and/or suspected criminal conduct.

Board of Registered Nursing RN and Advance Practice Nurse (Nurse Practitioner and CRNA) Defense and Denial Appeals

Nurses are under greater scrutiny and pressure from the Board of Registered Nursing than ever before. We have extensive experience handling nurse license application prior conviction disclosures, Board of Registered Nursing investigations, appealing RN license denials, defending against accusations seeking license revocation or suspension, and seeking post-disciplinary relief from probation as well as the reinstatement of revoked licenses.

Board of Licensed Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians Defense and Denial Appeals

We have counseled numerous LVNs and psychiatric technicians in disclosing convictions and adverse events on license applications, defending against Department of Consumer Affairs Division of Investigation investigations, responding to direct Board inquiries concerning complaints or arrests, and appealing citations. We defend LVNs and psychiatric technicians from accusations brought by the Attorney General's Office, we appeal the denial of license applications, and represent clients before the Board to seek modification of probation, early termination of probation, and license reinstatement.

Defense and Denial Appeals for Other Health Care Boards

Our clients include all other healthcare licensees facing board investigations, contending with disclosures on board applications, defending board accusations, appealing license denials, and seeking to reinstate lost licenses, for such boards as the Board of Pharmacy, the Veterinary Medical Board, the Board of Psychology, the Dental Board of California, the Board of Podiatric Medicine, the Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers Board, the Physician Assistants Board, the Physical Therapy Board of California and the Respiratory Care Board.

Hospital Investigations and Peer Review Proceedings

Hospital investigations, in the case of physicians, can trigger highly detrimental 805 reports to the Medical Board. Hospitals also routinely report other suspected negligent or unprofessional acts to licensing Boards such as the Board of Registered Nursing. Legal representation at an early stage of an investigation can ensure that a health care professional makes good decisions to avoid adverse reporting to licensing boards. We also defend physicians in hospital peer review proceedings before medical executive committees (MEC).

Certification Board Investigations and Appeals

License discipline, complaints of negligent or unprofessional conduct, or related matters, can trigger adverse action by a national certification board. Certification Boards, such as the American Board of Family Medicine, the American Board of Surgery or the American Board of Plastic Surgery, offer an appeals process to prevent certification discipline and to appeal the denial of certification eligibility.

OIG Medicare Exclusion Actions and CDHS Medi-Cal Exclusion Actions

The Office of Inspector General and the California Department of Health Services determine whether California health care professionals and organizations can bill Medicare and Medi-Cal for services. We oppose Medicare and Medi-Cal exclusion actions.

Disputing Databank (NPDB) Reporting

Adverse actions are reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank, and in the case of nurse, the NURSYS system. An inaccurate report can significantly damage a healthcare professional's career. We challenge inaccurate entries to ensure with agencies to ensure that incorrect information is corrected or deleted.

Medicare and Medi-Cal Billing Disputes

Denial of claims or underpayment of claims can cost a medical provider hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost fees. We can challenge denials and underpayments to ensure that a medical services provider is properly reimbursed for services rendered..

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