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Writ of Mandate Granted for Dentist Petitioning for Reinstatement - 2016


A dentist petitioned, on his own, for reinstatement before the Dental Board. After the Board ultimately denied his petition, he contacted our firm in order to appeal that decision in Superior Court. Following the submission of written briefs and oral arguments, the Superior Court Judge granted our writ petition and vacated the Dental Board’s decision denying the dentist’s reinstatement.

Medical Board Closes Investigation of Telemedicine Practice Accused of Wrongdoing - 2016


A California physician running a telemedicine practice was accused of failing to provide a good faith examination and failing to keep adequate records. We demonstrated to the Board that the allegations were unfounded and that the licensed business was fully compliant. The investigation was promptly dropped.

CPA License Reinstated After Convictions for Burglary and Preparation of a False Tax Return - 2016


A CPA’s license had been revoked in a hearing handled by another firm after the accountant was convicted of two counts of making false statements to a federal agency, one count of preparing a false and fraudulent income tax return, and one count of burglary. The Board later learned that the accountant had not disclosed his denial on another state application and had been denied the right to appear before the SEC. The accountant tried to reinstate on his own, however, he was unsuccessful. After hiring our firm, we appeared with the accountant before a second reinstatement meeting. We presented the Board with evidence that the accountant was competent and rehabilitated. The Board agreed and reinstated the license.

Registered Nurse Accused of Practicing Medicine Without a License Gets Reprimand - 2016


The Board of Registered Nursing investigated an RN who operated a Medispa and offered Botox treatments. The Board accused the nurse of providing the services without an appropriate exam or legally required oversight, and demanded a harsh probation against the RN’s license. After a series of negotiations in which the Board was presented evidence significantly weakening the Board’s case, the Board agreed to give the nurse a letter of public reproval (reprimand) only.

CFL Licensee’s License Immediately Reinstated After Revocation - 2016


A California finance lender licensee suffered a license revocation when the CFL licensee failed to submit an annual report and disregarded reminders and warnings from the Department of Business Oversight. After receiving a final order of revocation, we stepped in, contacted DBO and remedied the situation. The Department of Business Oversight agreed to unwind the order of revocation and back-date the reinstatement of the license so that there was no break in licensure.

Insurance License Granted Without Hearing to Applicant Convicted of Felony Assault - 2016


Insurance License Granted Without Hearing to Applicant Convicted of Felony Assault

An applicant with a conviction for Felony Assault was summarily denied his insurance license. After receiving his denial, the applicant contacted our office in order to appeal that denial. We represented him through his appeal process and after successfully having his summary denial set aside, we were able to negotiate a restricted license for the applicant without having to attend an administrative hearing.

Insurance License Granted to Applicant with Four Drug Felonies - 2016


An applicant with four felony convictions applied for a license in 2014 but was summarily denied as a convicted felon. Having found no way to get a license but determined to be licensed, the applicant contacted our office. We represented the applicant through reapplication and the successful appeal of another summary denial. The Department of Insurance agreed that the applicant had been rehabilitated and granted him an insurance license.

Interim Suspension Order Denied for Doctor with Diagnosed Mental Disorder and 5150 Hold - 2016


A doctor was served with an Interim Suspension Order and an Accusation after being arrested for resisting arrest. Following the arrest, the doctor was placed on a 5150 hold and admitted to various drug use and prescription violations. After a hearing on the suspension order, the client was able to continue practicing while the accusation was pending. After presenting evidence of mitigation and rehabilitation, the Board agreed to settlement prior to a hearing on the accusation and the client was able to keep their license.

RN License Reinstated After Revocation for Allegations of Drug Abuse While on Duty - 2015


An RN’s license had been revoked in a hearing handled by another firm when the nurse was accused of abusing drugs on the job after being found disoriented under the influence of prescription drugs. We presented the Board with evidence that the nurse was competent, not a drug abuser, and was safe to practice. The Board agreed and reinstated the license.

CPA Convicted of Filing False Tax Returns Granted Probation - 2015


A certified public accountant was convicted in federal court of filing false tax returns. After negotiating with the Board of Accountancy, the Board agreed to allow the CPA to keep his license, placing him on probation for three years after a 90 day license suspension.

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