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Accusation Dismissed (2007)

Client was convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, however, he was the victim of violence in the incident. The administrative law judge agreed that no license discipline was appropriate. Accusation dismissed.

Department of Motor Vehicles - Probationary License Granted for Client Convicted of Fraud (2012)

Client was convicted of making a false statement to get unemployment benefits, a crime involving moral turpitude. Initially, his salesperson license application was denied. After representation by our firm at hearing, the judge agreed that the Client was rehabilitated and granted him a probationary license.

License Restricted Only Despite Recent Felony Conviction (2009)

Client had been convicted and jailed for felony grand theft, at the time of his hearing he was still on supervised felony probation and restitution was owed. License restricted only, client ordered to take an ethics exam and classes.

Investigation Stopped Short of License Revocation, License Restricted (2010)

License had been convicted of brandishing a weapon, aggravated assault and domestic violence, the Department investigated for possible license revocation. After explaining the circumstances to the Department, the Department agreed to only restrict the license without a hearing.

Clear License Granted in High Blood Alcohol DUI Case (2012)

A registered nursing applicant was offered probation by the BRN after a high blood alcohol level drunk driving conviction. After advocating on the client's behalf at an administrative hearing, the Statement of Issues was dismissed and the applicant was given an unrestricted license.

Citation for Theft and Failure to Disclose (2012)

A licensed vocational nursing applicant committed theft and failed to disclose the theft conviction on the application to the LVN Board. After presenting a strong package of rehabilitation evidence, the Board agreed to settle the case for a modest monetary citation, with no additional license restriction.

Public Reproval for High Blood Alcohol DUI Case (2011)

An RN faced revocation after a high blood alcohol level drunk driving conviction with facts showing hit and run. After advocating on the client's behalf explaining complex mitigating facts, the Board agreed to a public reproval only, the lowest level of discipline.

Physician with Residency Probation and Resignation Granted Clear License (2012)

A medical resident license applicant who was placed on probation then later resigned from his residency applied for a California license. After helping the client craft his explanation to the Board and supply the appropriate information to the Board, a clear license was granted.

Criminal Conviction Mandated Reporting Results in No Disciplinary Action (2010)

Client had been convicted of misdemeanor resulting from solicitation of prostitution. After assisting client with mandated disclosures to Board, matter was closed without discipline.

Physician, Previously Denied California License, Granted Clear License (2012)

A physician had applied for a California license in 2009, but was denied due to an adverse action during residency and two other state investigations. On reapplication, we explained the mitigating facts surrounding the adverse action and showed that the other matters were without merit. The California Medical Board granted a clear license.

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